Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If you click on one of the photos of the "recent jewelry items" posts, you can toggle through all the items. Contact me for prices - prices vary according to whether they're in a shop, or online, etc. tmkrowan68@gmail.com

Recent Jewelry Items

This necklace has polyclay beads, made by me, in various sizes, strung with rosewood beads. $55.00.
Here's a variety of my handmade polyclay beads, strung with white "turquoise" beads, and copper-colored large seed beads. There is no clasp on this one - it fits very nicely over the head. 26" long. $55.00.
My handmade polyclay beads, in blues, violets and copper. I also made the copper jump ringsl This fits over the head - it's about 26" in length. $65.00.
This is a multi-strand set with various sizes and colors of pearls, along with seed beads that have a blue-purple-cranberry sheen.  It's long, about 28" in length. $105.00. And yes, these pearls are real.

Labradorite faceted 8mm beads, reticulated stone faceted nuggets, seed beads in a pearl-gray color.
Toggle clasp is silver-plate.  $70.00.

No clasp needed here - this is 26" long. It has pink sead beads separating green Czech pressed glass and druk beads, Swarovski pearls in various shapes, and mother-of-pearl nugget beads. It's very light-weight, for those who don't like heavy jewelry. $75.00.
This necklace is about 28" in length, and has various colors of Swarovski crystal pearls.*SOLD*
Multi-strand necklace, done mostly in lavenders and purples, along with seed beads. This is really a remarkable necklace. $95.00. The matching earrings are double circles, with sterling earwires. $35.00.
Lighter than air - seed beads separate peridot beads, amber beads, crystal cathedral-style beads, and freshwater pearls. The matching earrings, not shown, are circular, like a wreath, with the various beads hanging down in the center of the circle. $95.00 for the necklace; $30.00 for the earrings, which have sterling earwires.
Lots of crystals here in various shades of browns, copper and cream. The clasp is an antiqued gold toggle. $50.00.
Black Swarovski crystal pearls, faceted rondelles in black, and gold-plated daisy spacer beads. $65.00.
Murano style large cobalt glass beads, cobalt-colored Swarovski crystals, clear crystals. Silver clasp. $75.00.
Matching earrings to the necklace above. Sterling silver earwires. $30.00.
Double strand with Swarovski and freshwater pearls, garnets, sterling toggle clasp. *SOLD*

Turquoise - everyone needs a turquoise necklace. This is mixed with sterling daisy spacers, carnelian, and coral. Although it has a toggle clasp, it fits over the head. It's about 26" or more. $120.00.
Pearls, Czech pressed glass beads in various shapes, including snail shaped, and seed beads. Double strand, it has a toggle clasp. *SOLD*
Double strand of crystals, aquamarines, snowflake jaspers, and anything else I could fit in. It goes over the head, but it also has a toggle clasp. $85.00.
Browns: jasper stones, oval shaped, with seed beads in a copper color. Straight-up, uncomplicated necklace. $65.00.
Moss green faceted jaspers, along with dog-bone shaped turquoise, and oval shaped beads. Double strand, this one is priced at $90.00.
Triple strand bracelet, silver toggle clasp, has various Czech pressed glass beads and seed beads. *SOLD*

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bead Garden - Polyclay beads using cane method

I'm doing a set of 50 beads, for a workshop I'm conducting at the Texas Art Educators' Association conference in San Antonio in November. Each participant (50) will get a free bead. I find that the easiest method for positioning the beads for brushing on the glaze is to put them on toothpicks that have been stuck in a cork. They look like little flowering gardens to me, when displayed this way. My beads sell for $2.00 each for smaller beads, $3.00 each for the long beads.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bracelets, in Greens

I couldn't make up my mind, whether to do a three-strand bracelet, or a two-strand bracelet, so I made both. Czech pressed glass, seed beads, with silver toggle clasp. The three-strand is $35.00, and the two-strand is $30.00. Approximately 7 1/4" length.

Dead Tree Branch Behind Old Pipe

There was this old dead tree branch, trapped behind a pipe. It was interesting. The size of this is 8" x 10", matted on grey, with silver frame. $65.00

#1702 McKee Street

This is part of a door on McKee Street. I don't really care to know what's on the other side. Photo, 12" x 8", matted in off-white and framed with a black metal frame, $65.00.

Rough Corner

This corner, in the Hardy-Nance Studio halls, caught my eye. I found the exposed brick structure, along with the receding horizontal lines, intriguing. Framed photo, 12" x 8". $65.00. (Black frame, off-white mat.)

Red Weave

This is a small weaving, made from the remnants of a large weaving that I had made. The medium is acrylic on watercolor paper, and it's mounted on watercolor paper. 15" x 9". Framed in a glossy red metal frame.  $65.00

Rocks 2

This is one photo - one of rocks, etc. outside the Hardy-Nance Studios, and the same rocks, put into photoshop and manipulated.

Hall Flu

This caught my eye while I was bored out of my mind at the art show... framed in silver, matted on off-white, 10" x 8", $65.00.
This was actually taken by my granddaughter, Kelli, while she was in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I like the abstract design that the lights create.

Beach Lines

This is the "Beach Lines" painting from the show - acrylic, framed, 24" x 30". $695.00.
This painting was awarded a "2nd Place" ribbon at the Woodlands Art League show in April 2013.

Art show September 2012

This is me, with my art wall at the art show. Some paintings, some photos...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Three-strand Pearls

This bracelet incorporates pearls in lavender, cranberry, and pink; round faceted crystal beads, bicone crystal beads, small green Czech druk beads, and small roundelle beads in purple. There is also one large olive green bead, and a couple of bicone beads in olive and light blue.The jump rings are sterling, with a small toggle clasp. This has been donated as an auction item for the annual Czech Center Museum Gala on the 25th of August (2012). Beginning bid: $50.00, valued at $65.00. Sold.

Magnolia Leaf

This is a small piece, 12" x 9", made from a printmaking process that involves inking an object (in this case, a real magnolia leaf) and then printing it several times. The printmaking ink is applied with a brayer.Several layers are developed until a pattern is achieved. In this piece, I used white, greens, blues and some violet shades. The leaf was very cooperative - it didn't fall apart during the whole process. In the classroom, with my students, I used realistic artificial leaves, and they held up very well. This piece is going to be an auction item, matted and framed, as part of a fundraiser for the Czech Center Museum here in Houston. Minimum bid: $50.00. Valued at $200.00. Sold.

Friday, July 27, 2012

At the Heavy & Alternative show, JoMar Visions gallery

I'm on the left, and daughter Christina is on the right. I had seven pieces in this show at the JoMar Visions Gallery on July 20-21, 2012. I chose a variety of works, as opposed to having several variations on the same theme. Others did differently; there's no accounting for taste, as they say! Many of my pieces began as demonstrations for my students, thus the variety. There's no fun in doing the same thing, over and over, when you're the student in an art class!

Caribbean Blues

My grandson, Sammy, and me at one of the art shows in which I participated this Spring. The painting is one of my pieces, Caribbean Blues, an acrylic piece,that was in the show. $400.00 for the painting; grandchild: priceless. Sammy is going to be four years old, on my birthday. We're both 9-11 people. Oh - and I'll be 70. (2012)

Big Blue Weave

This piece measures 20" by 16". Again, this is one of those monoprint/woven pieces that I enjoy making. These weavings combine my love of weaving with my love of color combinations that are soothing to the eye. The smaller piece for my son and his wife was made from the left-over strips that were used in this weaving. $175.00, matted and framed.

Small Blue Weave

I made this out of the pieces of paper from a larger piece. This was given to my son and his wife, as a gift. I'm glad they like it.


This piece, called "Grasp" was lost in the environs of my house/storage area for quite a while. I found it recently, and put it into a show. It's mixed media - gesso, gel, acrylic, markers...it measures 16" x 20", matted and framed. Sold.

The Big Board

This is the bulletin board that I left on the wall outside the art room, when I retired. I wonder how long it will stay there - it's been there for about three years now. No one wanted it taken down! I believe it's eight feet by four feet. Something like that, anyway.

The Big Weave

This is a woven piece, about 28" by 24", with mat and frame. These are created by making a monoprint  from a painted sheet of watercolor paper, then weaving the two sheets together. The paint used is acrylic. You have to work quickly when pulling the monoprint, so the paint doesn't dry before you've made the print. $175.00.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Amazonite three-strand bracelet

This three-strand bracelet has semi-precious Amazonite beads in two sizes - 6mm and 8mm; turquoise colored seed beads; Czech cathedral beads in turquoise color with silver edges; Czech glass beads; millefiore cube beads. The flower toggle is silver, caught in a loop of turquoise seed beads. Length is 7 3/4 inches, to accommodate the three strands. *SOLD*

Monday, May 28, 2012

Black onyx and crystals necklace and earrings set.

This 20-inch necklace, with matching 1 1/2" earrings, has faceted teardrop-shaped onyx stones, separated by jet AB firepolished 4mm crystals. The clasp is sterling, the earwires are also silver. The crystals in the earrings are 5mm, with a 6mm center crystal in each circle. This is a rather elegant set. *SOLD*

Monday, April 30, 2012

Purple and Gold

Two photos, same necklace and earrings set. This set has my handmade poly beads, Czech beads, Czech seed beads, and an antiqued toggle clasp. The earrings have three dangles, and are on gold-filled earwires. The necklace is 25" in length, and the earrings are 2" in length. *SOLD*

New Jewelry: Blues

This necklace and earrings set has polymer beads that I made, antique gold spacer beads, blue bugle beads,and turquoise-colored beads that have traces of gold running through them. The toggle clasp is also antiquegold plate, and the earrings have gold-filled earwires. The necklace is 22" in length, and the earrings are 1 1/4" in length. the necklace is very light-weight, and fun to wear. $50.00 for the necklace, and $20.00 for the earrings. *SOLD*