Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This necklace was made with turquoise from Afghanistan. I found it online before "the war" and quickly snapped it up - even though the strand of turquoise was $60.00. It's been sitting in my box of treasures for quite a while. I finally decided to combine the pieces with strands of strung seed beads, and various items such as jade, jasper, and yellow amber pieces. This measures 28 1/2", and the jump rings and connecting pieces are sterling silver. The toggle clasp is antiqued lead-free pewter, silver plated. I liked the clasp, so decided to go with it even though it's not sterling. It works for me.  $165.00. Note: this is a heavier-than-normal piece, so if you're not used to wearing heavy beads, this piece isn't for you. But it's gorgeous! SOLD