Friday, July 27, 2012

At the Heavy & Alternative show, JoMar Visions gallery

I'm on the left, and daughter Christina is on the right. I had seven pieces in this show at the JoMar Visions Gallery on July 20-21, 2012. I chose a variety of works, as opposed to having several variations on the same theme. Others did differently; there's no accounting for taste, as they say! Many of my pieces began as demonstrations for my students, thus the variety. There's no fun in doing the same thing, over and over, when you're the student in an art class!

Caribbean Blues

My grandson, Sammy, and me at one of the art shows in which I participated this Spring. The painting is one of my pieces, Caribbean Blues, an acrylic piece,that was in the show. $400.00 for the painting; grandchild: priceless. Sammy is going to be four years old, on my birthday. We're both 9-11 people. Oh - and I'll be 70. (2012)

Big Blue Weave

This piece measures 20" by 16". Again, this is one of those monoprint/woven pieces that I enjoy making. These weavings combine my love of weaving with my love of color combinations that are soothing to the eye. The smaller piece for my son and his wife was made from the left-over strips that were used in this weaving. $175.00, matted and framed.

Small Blue Weave

I made this out of the pieces of paper from a larger piece. This was given to my son and his wife, as a gift. I'm glad they like it.


This piece, called "Grasp" was lost in the environs of my house/storage area for quite a while. I found it recently, and put it into a show. It's mixed media - gesso, gel, acrylic, measures 16" x 20", matted and framed. Sold.

The Big Board

This is the bulletin board that I left on the wall outside the art room, when I retired. I wonder how long it will stay there - it's been there for about three years now. No one wanted it taken down! I believe it's eight feet by four feet. Something like that, anyway.

The Big Weave

This is a woven piece, about 28" by 24", with mat and frame. These are created by making a monoprint  from a painted sheet of watercolor paper, then weaving the two sheets together. The paint used is acrylic. You have to work quickly when pulling the monoprint, so the paint doesn't dry before you've made the print. $175.00.