Friday, September 20, 2013

Bead garden: red, black, white and gold polymer clay beads.
Long beads are $3.00 each. Round beads are $1.00 each.

Bead garden: red, white and blue variations. Long beads are $3.00 each.
 Round beads are $1.00 each.

Example of a bead with wire: "Nu-gold" wire, 18gauge; long bead.
All beads prepared like this (either Nu-gold or sterling wire) are $3.50 each.

This looks like a box of assorted candies...All long beads are $3.00 each.
This includes "leaf-style" and other pendant shapes. Medium length tubes are $2.00 each.
All round beads are $1.00 each. I'm going to photograph them in "sets" and post them on Etsy.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This is my set-up for rolling tiles of the same thickness. I sacrificed my yardstick...

These are some beads that I made from the remnants of the tiles, left over after trimming the tiles.

This is one of the photos of the tiles just after I baked them. I'm using them to edge two shelves in my wet bar area. The glass shelves crashed, taking some glasses with them, last week.


Friday, September 6, 2013

I made this for a friend of mine. The sea glass pendant is sterling wire wrapped, from sea glass that I found by diving for it into the waves on the Jersey Shore. The other beads are: turquoise, aquamarine, and seed beads. The toggle clasp is silver-plate. This necklace is 24 inches in length. If you wish to have one like this, it will be a little different but with the same theme. Each one is individually made, according to what I have in sea glass, and how the wire wrap goes together. The cost for a pendant necklace like this is between $75.00 - $85.00, depending on the length and the amount of silver that I use for the wrap.

I call these "Leopard Beads" because that's what they look like. The long ones are $3.00; the medium ones are $2.00; the small round ones are $1.00 per item. (plus shipping, of course) SOLD

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fresh out of the oven - now it's time to glaze them, then build a necklace and bracelet around them.
These are polymer clay beads that I've made, set up in my corks with toothpicks. That's how I glaze them without them sticking to anything while they dry. I always wash them first, to get rid of any excess oils from my fingers.
This photo shows a close-up view of the necklace and earrings. The necklace has polymer clay beads, which I've made, along with citrine chips, seed beads, fuchsia pearls, and antiqued gold-plated bead caps and spacer beads. The earrings have citrine chips, two fucshia pearls separated by gold-plated spacer beads, and gold-filled earwires. The last section of the necklace isn't showing - there is about 7-8" of necklace hidden in the back of the stand. The necklace is $100.00, and the earrings are $29.00.

 This is a more "close-up" view.
This is the entire necklace, but the photo is a little washed-out. The colors above are more accurate.