Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bead Garden - Polyclay beads using cane method

I'm doing a set of 50 beads, for a workshop I'm conducting at the Texas Art Educators' Association conference in San Antonio in November. Each participant (50) will get a free bead. I find that the easiest method for positioning the beads for brushing on the glaze is to put them on toothpicks that have been stuck in a cork. They look like little flowering gardens to me, when displayed this way. My beads sell for $2.00 each for smaller beads, $3.00 each for the long beads.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bracelets, in Greens

I couldn't make up my mind, whether to do a three-strand bracelet, or a two-strand bracelet, so I made both. Czech pressed glass, seed beads, with silver toggle clasp. The three-strand is $35.00, and the two-strand is $30.00. Approximately 7 1/4" length.

Dead Tree Branch Behind Old Pipe

There was this old dead tree branch, trapped behind a pipe. It was interesting. The size of this is 8" x 10", matted on grey, with silver frame. $65.00

#1702 McKee Street

This is part of a door on McKee Street. I don't really care to know what's on the other side. Photo, 12" x 8", matted in off-white and framed with a black metal frame, $65.00.

Rough Corner

This corner, in the Hardy-Nance Studio halls, caught my eye. I found the exposed brick structure, along with the receding horizontal lines, intriguing. Framed photo, 12" x 8". $65.00. (Black frame, off-white mat.)

Red Weave

This is a small weaving, made from the remnants of a large weaving that I had made. The medium is acrylic on watercolor paper, and it's mounted on watercolor paper. 15" x 9". Framed in a glossy red metal frame.  $65.00

Rocks 2

This is one photo - one of rocks, etc. outside the Hardy-Nance Studios, and the same rocks, put into photoshop and manipulated.

Hall Flu

This caught my eye while I was bored out of my mind at the art show... framed in silver, matted on off-white, 10" x 8", $65.00.
This was actually taken by my granddaughter, Kelli, while she was in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I like the abstract design that the lights create.

Beach Lines

This is the "Beach Lines" painting from the show - acrylic, framed, 24" x 30". $695.00.
This painting was awarded a "2nd Place" ribbon at the Woodlands Art League show in April 2013.

Art show September 2012

This is me, with my art wall at the art show. Some paintings, some photos...