Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bowl, made from my own handmade papers, cast into 7 1/2" x 5" form. Gold embroidery thread decorations, with gold painted rim. $40.00.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beads, close-up, after glazing. After this, I will arrange them into groups and post to my Etsy shop - just do a search for tmkrowan after you go to the Etsy web.
Beads, another view of the glazed beads.  This shows all the beads. There are 25 in this batch.

Another view, a more "overhead" view, of the beads after they've been glazed.

Friday, October 11, 2013

This is the latest bead garden that I've made. Soon, I will be posting these and others to an Etsy account. Large one sell for $3.00; medium ones sell for $2.00, and small ones sell for $1.00 if bought individually. The sets, however, usually consisting of 5 - 6 assorted beads, will sell for less as a group.


I must say that most of these have sold already, but there are still some left in this leopard-looking group.

Pinks. These are now glazed. This photo was pre-glaze.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stage Three: mounted on blue matte board, then matted with purple matte board. After this, I just need to get the gold frame and clear acrylic to protect it. Finished size: 18" x 14". Framed: $200. Unframed: $175.00.
Handmade papers formed into a bowl. I make the paper, then I make things out of the paper. These bowls are some of the things I make. Most of the bowls are between 5 - 6 inches in diameter, and between 2 - 4 inches deep. Most of them are surprisingly sturdy. They're varnished after formed.

Side view of the bowl that's above.

Delicate bowl, with purchased dried flowers added.

This bowl has several layers. I've taken a couple of photos of the outside of the bowl, to show the "strata".

Another view of the same bowl, outside layers.

This is one side of the above bowl, with its stratas of thick paper.

A second view from the side of the bowl, showing a little more of the inside.

This bowl has a random edge, edged in gold paint. Most of my bowls are edged with gold paint.

Another rather delicate bowl - when you hold it up to the light, you can see through this one, and the other delicate one that's above. Again, purchased dried flowers have been added to the inside of this bowl.

Side view of the delicate bowl that's shown above.

Using my handmade papers, I am in the process of creating a collage. I've used 140-lb watercolor paper as the base on which I'm doing the collage work. It holds up well, and doesn't warp. Stage one. 12" x 9".

Stage two: I've edged the different pieces of the collage with gold paint, and will mount this on the blue matte board. Then I will matte it with the purple matte board. I'm going to use a thin gold metal frame on this. The finished size will be 18" x 14".

A little paper rose, worked into handmade paper background. 8" x 6". No gold paint - I left this as a soft presentation.
Copper bowl, gold top edge. This bowl is hard as a rock.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

This bowl, and others that I've made like it, have been formed from handmade paper that I created out of left-over art papers. The papers were formed inside a plastic bowl. The pieces of handmade paper were joined using acrylic gloss gel. Afterward, the entire bowl was glazed with acrylic gloss glaze, and I edged the bowl with "Emperor's Gold" acrylic paint. The bowl is about 7" across, and 4" high. The dried flowers were added after the bowl was formed.

Messing around with oil paints, I came up with this little guy who reminds me of van Gogh...SOLD