Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Three-strand Pearls

This bracelet incorporates pearls in lavender, cranberry, and pink; round faceted crystal beads, bicone crystal beads, small green Czech druk beads, and small roundelle beads in purple. There is also one large olive green bead, and a couple of bicone beads in olive and light blue.The jump rings are sterling, with a small toggle clasp. This has been donated as an auction item for the annual Czech Center Museum Gala on the 25th of August (2012). Beginning bid: $50.00, valued at $65.00. Sold.

Magnolia Leaf

This is a small piece, 12" x 9", made from a printmaking process that involves inking an object (in this case, a real magnolia leaf) and then printing it several times. The printmaking ink is applied with a brayer.Several layers are developed until a pattern is achieved. In this piece, I used white, greens, blues and some violet shades. The leaf was very cooperative - it didn't fall apart during the whole process. In the classroom, with my students, I used realistic artificial leaves, and they held up very well. This piece is going to be an auction item, matted and framed, as part of a fundraiser for the Czech Center Museum here in Houston. Minimum bid: $50.00. Valued at $200.00. Sold.